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Our Story

Ebrofrost North America is a subsidiary of Riviana Foods Inc and a proud member of the Ebro Foods Group, the largest rice and second largest pasta manufacturer in the world.  Drawing on a rich history of innovation, we have spent years perfecting the science of cooking and freezing conventional and organic goods in a single continuous process.  The result is our high-quality and delicious IQF rice, grain, and pasta products.

In 2017, we opened our new, state-of-the-art facility in Memphis, TN.  Our high-care, high-capacity operation provides the best choice for IQF ingredients.  Our fully-automated cold store provides our customers the flexibility of mixed-loads and industry-leading fast response to orders.

Contact us to learn more about Ebrofrost North America, and to see why we are the best partner for IQF rice, grain and pasta.

Our high-care, high-capacity operation provides the best choice for IQF ingredients.

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Why our customers choose us again and again
  • Our dedicated cold-store facility holds safety stock of any product in our portfolio, allowing us to secure our supplies and keep lead times low.
  • Our flexible ordering options accommodate full pallets, single truckloads, and even mixed loads.
  • Our on-site demonstration kitchen and training centers help qualify products quickly.
  • Our internationally-recognized quality and food safety programs give our customers peace of mind.
Leveraging the EBRO Foods Group global footprint

We leverage the global presence of our parent company, EBRO Foods Group to bring better food to you through their:

  • Multi-brand portfolio, which includes 80 leading brands across 76 countries
  • Global supply chain, which allows us to reliably get raw materials to you
  • Controlled sourcing arrangements which provide consistent, dependable products
  • Research and development centers in both the United States and Europe so we can constantly improve our products and services