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Next Level Innovation and Food Quality
Ebrofrost North America supplies and processes cutting-edge IQF rice, grains, and pasta, and provide the best lead time and quality control in the industry.


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Quality & Innovation: IQF Grains Meet Consumer Demands

With improved consumption due to busy consumer lifestyles, new food trends and eating habits are emerging. As a result of this, the traditional concept of frozen food is experiencing a shift.


From Field to Frozen: Protecting Your Economy & the Environment

As consumers are demanding more premium products with safer production standards, IQF is especially relevant and works to reduce food waste as well as meal-time stress.


Better Bite, Superior Taste, Smoother Texture
Pushing our Industry Forward
In 2017, our Memphis plant set a new standard for automation and care when it comes to processing our high-quality materials in the United States, as we wanted to revolutionize the way IQF rice, grains and pasta are prepared.
The culmination of our hard-won knowledge, experience and research is our 85,000 square-foot state-of-the-art plant located in Memphis, Tennessee.  Our highly automated and high-care facility uses superior high-capacity cooking and freezing technology to deliver products with better bite and texture.
Our dedicated cold storage warehouse and fully automated storage and retrieval system provide even greater quality control. Maintaining our stock in-house not only improves control of our products but also enables us to provide less than truckload shipping and mixed-load capabilities.
These facilities, combined with our supply chain, enable us to provide an industry-best 7-day order lead time.